DIY: Necklaces

Do-it-yourself projects are one of my most favorite things to do, especially during my leisure time. I just don’t know why, but doing something nice takes my stress away. I feel happy, very happy, to see myself making something all by myself and giving them to my family and friends as gifts and favors.

A few months after I got married, I started a hobby called bookmaking and found it very fun to do. I got into bookmaking because of my love for books and journals that have blank pages, and I can customize the cover designs also.

Then lately, I got fascinated into making my own necklace pendants. I love necklaces especially those with antique-looking pendants, like what women wore during the Victorian era.

The reason why I got into making my own necklace pendants is because I wanted so much to have those pretty necklaces and give them as gifts to the important women in my life, but I find them too expensive. To buy just one necklace for myself would cost me hundreds of pesos, and thousands if I buy for every woman I would want to give one to.

So I started to look for online tutorials on how to make necklaces and those Victorian and antique-looking pendants. I was very happy to find many! Thanks to Google and Pinterest, I got what I was looking for.

To start my DIY necklace and pendants, I bought my materials at Candytiles Studio and bought a bundle pack of antique-looking circle pendants (it includes 10 pendant trays, 10 glass cabochons, and 10 ball chains and jumprings) and I bought a 2 oz Judikin’s Diamond Glaze as adhesive (if you want more info, just click the Candytiles link).


DSC_2451 copy


Since I’ve got a stash of decorative papers which I used in book making, I used some of the paper scraps for the design of my pendant. I wasn’t able to document a step-by-step procedure in doing my DIY necklace pendants because I got soooo excited and just started making it, so I’ll just give you the link of the DIY necklace pendant tutorial that I used as my guide. Note: I just followed the process of doing, not the whole thing. But you can follow the tutorial if you like the look of her DIY necklaces better, it’s really all up to you. Be creative. I might also try using dried flowers in the future. 🙂

*Click here for the tutorial.

I love how my necklaces turned out, and I made a lot in just one day. I gave some to my sisters, my mom, and my mom-in-law, and they pretty much liked it. Just imagine how happy I was to make my own necklace and give some too without spending that much. 😀 Then my friend came over to our place and I was happy to teach her how to make one and she was also happy to make a necklace of her own. 🙂


image-1024x678 copy


image1-1024x732 copy



Sometimes, it’s fun to just make things on your own and I’m pretty sure that people will be happy to receive a gift which you can proudly say, “I made that for you!” Do try DIYs sometime and just be creative. Explore and make yourself and other people happy by making something nice and pretty.

I hope you’ll have fun making your own necklaces and other jewelries too! 🙂




*Repost from my old blog. Originally blogged on March 9, 2013

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