DIY: TFIOS Themed Journal

I’m pretty sure that you know that hit movie entitled “THE FAULT IN OUR STARS”, right?




That movie was such a top-grosser that I got curious what that movie was all about.

So, when I finally watched it…I almost choked because I was trying to prevent my tears from streaming down my face coz it’s too embarrassing to cry in a movie house with a stranger beside you. 😛

After watching the movie, I still was not able to get over with it. What I loved about the movie is their approach to life. It made me realize that our life is nothing but a vapor and we could evaporate anytime.

It has helped me believe the quote that says, “LIFE IS SHORT. SO LIVE THE BEST LIFE POSSIBLE AND BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE.”

Other than the thought of the story, I also love their cinematography, the graphics (the graphics!!!)—the bubble bubble something that looks like it was doodled and their sweet line “Okay? Okay.” 🙂

I also find the book cover very cute. Very cute that I wanted to make a journal that is inspired by the TFIOS book cover.




So I studied the color schemes, they used cyan blue (I think?) and black colors. I super love the black and white clouds with prints on it. Without any delay, I gathered all the materials needed and started making my TFIOS-inspired journal. And this was the outcome:


Front view
Front view


For the covers, I used cyan blue papers to wrap the bare chipboard. Then I decided to paint the black and white clouds using poster paints (the good and quality ones…) and wrote “OKAY? OKAY.” on it.


Side view.
Side view.


I used the Coptic stitch binding technique for this TFIOS-inspired journal so that it would have a very personalised look. I used black thread since it goes so well with the color scheme. 🙂


Inside view.
Inside view.


And last but not the least, I used blue paper (of course.) for the pages so that it would complete the whole look of my planned TFIOS-inspired journal. 🙂

Because I can’t get enough of the cuteness, so I decided to make one. 😀

I love how it turned out. 🙂 Thankfully, I didn’t have any accidents while making this journal (from painting, stitching, and everything.)


I wonder what kind of movie/book-inspired journal will I make in the future? Guess I’ll just wait.

How about you? What kind of journal do you do? Do share it. 🙂


Have a nice day…


…okay? Okay. 🙂



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