Watercolor Patterns

Recently, I have been hooked in painting using watercolors. I love watercolors since the colors look so transparent and you can easily blend colors to achieve your desired look. Also, it makes your paintings look whimsical and classy. 🙂

I am still in the process of learning how to use this medium of color. And just these past few days, I made some watercolor patterns. I am not really good in illustrating that’s why I resorted into doodling some of the easiest patterns I can think of. 😛

These are some of the patterns I ended up making:





The third one was my favourite since that was the toughest for me and I was happy it ended up, uh, well, pretty for a novice’s eyes like mine. Lol. 😀

I made it as my Ipad lock and home screen saver. I’m sooo happy to see my own painting on my device! 😀




This is very easy to do by the way. Just paint or draw your desired picture, scan it, edit it–which means you can turn it into a vector image for a more polished look (I did not edit mine since I like it to look like a watercolor painting), and sync it to your device, set it up as your screen saver and voila! You have your own pattern! 😀

If you like one of my patterns (that’s an IF, lol), you are so much free to get it. You can edit it and make it more pretty. 🙂

I hope you’ll have fun making your own watercolor patterns! 🙂


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