DIY: Japanese Stab 4-Hole Binding

Japanese Stab Binding is a traditional binding that has developed over hundreds of years in Japan, and is a beautiful and simple way of binding together either folded or single sheets of paper. Like the saddle stitch binding, this doesn’t require any glue and is very easy to do.


These are the materials that I used: 10 sheets of paper, an extra paper to serve as template for punching holes, cardstock for covers, yarns, scissors, needle, ruler, pencil, washi tape and a cutting mat if in case I need to trim down some papers.

My materials

To start and to know how to bind using this technique, watch the video below. (Video tutorial courtesy of Sea Lemon).


I thought my journals looked so bare so I decided to put a washi tape on the other one and doodled on the second using a Japanese calligraphy pen. They looked like this:


Then, I found some of my old decorative scrapbooking cardstock papers and I turned them into books as well. 🙂



Hope you found it helpful! Have fun making yours!



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