2014 Highlights and Welcoming 2015

I can’t believe 2014 has ended. Time flies by so fast! And here we are now entering another year. I am excited of what’s to come. 🙂

Before I fully welcome 2015, here’s a summary of my life in 2014: my highlights. 🙂 I’d only share 3 of them because that’s what stood out most for me. 🙂

1. Travels

I really travel a lot today. 2014 was the year when I first traveled almost around Philippines; from Luzon, Visayas and back to Mindanao. I did enjoy taking a lot of pictures and seeing beautiful views and learning from people in those places. 🙂

10013965_10204498135962864_5736358021023481576_n 10352749_10204498133042791_5767516090901452506_n 10361279_10204498135082842_4651295740378187576_n 10378539_10204498128002665_4965322196382392511_n 10532518_10204595891486691_6388176072407238501_n 10665673_10204844535022624_2459145794644120628_n 10665797_10204844534662615_7631534072789775645_n 10689941_10204844541662790_4577237904074293194_n photo 1 copy

2. Creative Endeavors

2014 was also the year where I had a lot of time to do craftsy and artsy stuff like hand lettering, watercolor, doodling, illustrating a bit and calligraphy and did a lot of DIY projects, aside from bookmaking. 🙂

1743750_10205354795418815_4570618855025776635_n 10153859_10205210306086672_3737372473174770235_n 10468074_10205679749462463_1300219822753383381_n 10600632_10205197768653244_4759015771049386655_n

10615619_10204732002449380_3511540806769760597_n3. 22nd Birthday and 2nd Wedding Anniversary

The last but not the least. 😉

Yes, my birthday and our wedding anniversary are of the same date! 😀 It was really a memorable day for me and my husband. We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and my 22nd birthday. I can’t be any happier. 😀


So those are my top 3 highlights for the year 2014. 🙂

And now, help me welcome the year 2015!!!

Thanks for making my year 2014 memorable and meaningful. I hope to share and make another memorable year with you! May you have a happy new year! 🙂

happy new year/coffeebreaksandrainydays/ainee macaraeg



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