Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Hello everybody! 😀

It’s been a while since I posted something for the Weekly Photo Challenge. I wasn’t able to post for the previous challenge as I was so busy catching up with some serious spring cleaning. I really needed total time for spring cleaning because I wanted to get rid of some useless and not-so-important stuff from our house so,so badly.

And now, I’m done, not really done, but at least, I can be more relaxed now to write a blog post about this week’s photo challenge. 🙂

As a response to the Daily Post‘s Weekly Photo ChallengeFresh“, I wanted to share with you photos which I consider and interpret as, well, fresh. 😉


In the age of where everything are processed or artificial, from the food to the beverages, I can’t help but appreciate the array of these fresh fruits. 😀

Fresh|©Saraine Gem Macaraeg 2015|www.coffeebreaksandrainydays.wordpress.com

To me, fresh always means garden-grown and hand-picked fruits. I always see canned fruit preserves or bottled berry jams everywhere. There are also tons of processed and bottled, chemically manufactured beverages in every grocery I go. So to see real fruits is just a refreshing sight to me. 🙂

Here are my favourite fruits and berry of all time. 🙂

And also, these fruits just reminds me that a new season is about to come.

Summer is already approaching. 😀

That means, it is time to get hydrated and find ways to beat the summer heat. 😀

I decided to make a refreshing and cool fruit water from these fresh fruits. 🙂

Fresh|©Saraine Gem Macaraeg 2015|www.coffeebreaksandrainydays.wordpress.com

The fruit water really tastes good! I love the combination of the fruits. 🙂

So that’s how I interpret fresh. 🙂

I hope you like the photos. 🙂

Fresh|©Saraine Gem Macaraeg 2015|www.coffeebreaksandrainydays.wordpress.com

So what does fresh mean to you? 🙂






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13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

  1. Many thanks for visiting my site, Saraine. I think you like fruits very much… Fresh fruit juice in the morning is the best. Nice colors in your photos. Looking forward to seeing more… 🙂


    1. Thanks a lot Ompong for the kind compliments! 🙂 Yes, I really love fruits. 🙂 Thanks for the “juice tip”. Will surely try that, since I have never drank fruit juice in the morning ever. 🙂 See you around!

      Liked by 1 person

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